Yamaha M7CL-32

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Yamaha M7CL-32 32 Channel Digital Mixing Console

The M7CL is a full-digital mixing console containing the latest digital technology, designed for installed systems or SR applications. 24-bit linear AD/DA converters are used to deliver up to 108 dB of dynamic range and amazing sound quality.

The M7CL32 has 32 Channels, 31 Band Graphic EQ, Phantom Power, 4 Stereo Inputs, 16 Mix Buses, LCR Bus, 16 Omni Outputs, 4 Simultaneous Multi-Effect Processors. The M7CL 32 contains the latest digital technology.

As input channels, it provides 32 (M7CL-32 model) or 48 (M7CL-48 model) monaural INPUT channels, and four stereo ST IN channels. As output channels, it provides 16 MIX channels, eight MATRIX channels, a STEREO channel, and a MONO channel. L/C/R three-channel output using the STEREO/ MONO channels is also supported.  

User Interface

The user interface has been completely redesigned for simple and intuitive operation. A dedicated channel strip with fader, cue, and on/off control is provided for all frequently-used input channels and the STEREO/MONO channels. This mixer can be comfortably operated even by users who are new to digital consoles.

New In M7CL-48 V3

  • Sends on Fader in M7CL V3 Editor
  • Additional Recall Safe Parameters
  • VCM Effects Are Now Available
  • ST IN 1-4 Are Now Available for Talkback
  • Direct Sends on Fader Access from the
  • M7CL Knobs in
  • Sends on Fader Mode

Simplified Digital Operation

Yamaha’s touch-panel based Centralogic interface simplifies digital operation to the point where it is actually as intuitive as analog ... if not easier. All mix controls other than the individual motor faders provided for each channel can be accessed via just two displays: OverviewOverview Display

The Overview display - the console’s default display - gives you a standard view of the 8 channels selected via the CentralogicTM navigation keys. These keys, arranged in an exact replica of the 8-channel channel groups on the console, let you instantly bring any group of 8 channels to the central controls with a single button-press. To adjust pan for a channel, for example, simply press the channel’s [SEL] key and rotate the console’s physical PAN control. The same applies to preamp gain, dynamics, high-pass filter, EQ, and bus send control. Adjustments are clearly shown on the display as you make them, as is the status of all mix parameters for the currently selected channel.


  • Centralogic interface delivers digital live sound mixing with the comfort and efficiency of analog.
  • The M7CL-48 provides a total of 56 inputs - 48 mono mic/line inputs and 4 stereo line inputs. The M7CL-32 has a total of 40 inputs 32 mono mic/line inputs and 4 stereo line inputs.
  • 27 buses in the form of 16 mix buses, an LCR bus, and eight matrixes that can be used with inputs as well as buses.
  • Straightforward connection via analog input connectors for every input channel.
  • 16 analog “omni” outputs as well as a 2TR digital output.
  • Three Mini-YGDAI I/O card slots can accommodate up to 16 channels of digital or analog I/O each, for up to an addition 48 I/O channels.
  • Eight DCA groups and eight mute groups.
  • Virtual 8-unit rack for effects and graphic EQ.
  • Advanced access management functions provide multi-level control over user access.
  • Recallable right down to head amp gain, plus safe and focus functions.
  • M7CL Editor software application supplied.

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