Yamaha Ls9-32

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Yamaha LS9-32, 32 Channel Digital Live Mixer

Ever since the birth of the LS9-32 thie mixer has been the top of the food chain between all 32 channel digital mixers. Partially because the name "Yamaha" is known for thier support and excellent track record on all thier products. the Yamaha Ls9-32 is robust and built like a tank. There are other mixers out there  either in the same price rage or lower, but whic will last you for the next 5-10 years? Thats easy the Ls9-32 will.  The Faders on the Ls9-32 units can be easily replaced in case they need to for less than $25.00.  The Yamaha LS9-32 is a full-digital mixer designed for installed  projects such as Churches or SR applications, it is compact but, provides functionality and a channel count comparable to larger mixers. 24-bit linear AD/DA converters are used to deliver up to 108 dB of dynamic range and amazing sound quality. The Ls9-32 is a mixer that will last you for ever and has a great resale value. We actually sell used Ls9-32 units as well as New units.

32 Channels of Digital Mixing

As input channels, it provides 32 (LS9-16 model) or 64 (LS9-32 model) monaural INPUT channels, and four stereo ST IN channels. As output channels, it provides 16 MIX channels, eight MATRIX channels, a STEREO channel, and a MONO channel. L/C/R three-channel output using the STEREO/ MONO channels is also supported.

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